What’s Lu Jong?

Lu Jong – the Tibetan Healing Yoga – brings you into balance:

  1. physically > strengthens your body and makes you resilient
  2. mentally > deep inner strength and emotional balance
  3. energetic > the health of the gross material body depends on the subtle energy body

Change your life

Restore the flow of energies and release the blockages of the subtle body channels. Learn how you can change your life in 20 minutes a day: your daily program for more vitality, energy and strengthened self-healing powers!

Traditional Tibetan medicine

Lu Jong – Tibetan Healing Yoga has it’s roots in traditional Tibetan medicine. Use the healing powers of nature that Tibetan monks discovered 8000 years ago and that were kept a secret for centuries! Lu Jong – the Tibetan Heilyoga – was used to protect from diseases in the remote Tibetan mountains, far away from medical care, tand o protect and strengthen body and mind in the harsh local environment. The monks had deep knowledge of the influence of nature on our body and mind. So they developed exercises that activated their self-healing powers, gave them mental strength and transformed their negative emotions.

My teacher

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche is a Tibetan Master, Doctor of Tibetan Medicine and Astrologer. He learned from many masters in Tibet and modified Lu Jong – the Tibetan Heilyoga – to the western needs. Tulku Lobsang has now made Lu Jong accessible to all people.

„May Lu Jong reduce the suffering of the people.“

Tulku Lobsang

The spine

Lu Jong – the Tibetan Heilyoga – focuses on the spine, the energy center of the body. The spine is connected to channels, nerves and organs of the body, similar to a tree trunk with its branches, leaves and fruits. Lu Jong exercises affect every vertebra of the spine, especially the movements of the 5 elements. Through movement, position and breathing, the spine is turned, bent and stretched in all directions. This resembles an inner massage, which dissolves blockades and „old winds“. Energy can flow more easily and the nutrient supply is improved.

By taking care of the health and flexibility of the spine, we improve the condition of our entire body!

YOGA for every age group and level

Lu Jong helps us to develop more awareness and sensitivity for body and mind through his flowing, gentle movements in combination with posture and breathing. The movements are suitable for ALL people and can also be performed by those with some reduced physical disabilities.

Lu Jong is meditation in motion !