About me

Über Julia Langenbach: Yogalehrerin für Lu Jong auf MallorcaTo feel comfortable in my skin, to care for and maintain my physical and mental health and to experience my everyday life with joy – I invite you to feel it and please do so with joy & ease!

In my opinion, the modern western person needs simple and quick tips and practices to feel healthy and vital. Small changes can often cause great effects or changes. Growing up in a performance-oriented society is often a big challenge. It is close to my heart to enjoy life with a lot of joy and ease and to feel relaxation in everyday life again! Relaxation is for me the basis, so that health becomes possible in the first place, but a relaxed mind has been lost to the people of today. It is close to my heart to share my experiences with my fellow human beings.

I fulfilled my great wish to get to know other cultures and languages studying in Spain a touristic Carreer. Afterwards I was able to travel around the world to my heart’s content as a tour guide on the most beautiful cruise ships. For many years I also lived on different Spanish islands, which made the country, the people and the language very dear to my heart.

I discovered my enthusiasm for yoga at an early age and during my training as a yoga teacher (Hatha Yoga) I got to know and love Ayurveda. About twelve years ago I was struck by an unmistakable call to travel to India and deepen my knowledge in the Eastern teachings. I fulfilled this heart’s desire and spent several years of study and practice in India.

Today I am a trained Ayurveda Kalari therapist and Yoga teacher (Hatha Yoga and Lu Jong). With joy and enthusiasm I accompany and care my guests in Mallorca – „the island of Sun“!