Ayurveda Panchakarma Cure

I look forward to accompanying you as a tour guide to India for a traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma cure!

My little paradise is called DEVAAYA Centre (www.devaaya.com) and it is located on a charming and exotic little island in the middle of the Back Waters of Goa.

If you want to experience a traditional Panchakarma cure in beautiful nature and quiet ambience exactly where Ayurveda has its roots, this is the place for you! No matter if you decide for health reasons for an Ayurveda cure, if you are perhaps in the transition into a new phase of life or if you want to feel more vital in order to better meet the demands of your everyday life, … you are warmly welcome with everything that moves you here!

What can you expect?

  • The Ayurveda Centre is a small pearl, it is secluded, quiet, clean, in the middle of the Back Waters, pure exotic nature around you.
  • A very professional team of doctors and therapists experienced with western patients
  • A vegetarian Ayurvedic cuisine, adapted to the cure and your constitution
  • A daily offer of yoga, sensual cleansing and meditation
  • My travel company throughout the entire time, my support during the stay / the cure itself as well as facilitating communication (e.g. doctor’s consultations)

My travels to „Devaaya Center“

I am happy to arrange short trips to the surrounding area and on request I can give you additional yoga lessons (Lu Jong). 

(In general, it is better to plan outdoor trips before or after the cure in order to be successful with the cure’s effect.)